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Financial Provision

Sunday 14 March 2021, we stopped at the shops after church. We got out of the car and walked into the shop. Once inside, I realised that I still had my sunglasses on. My normal prescription glasses were still in the car. No worries – I simply took my sunglasses off, finished the shopping a bit squinty-eyed and returned to the car. When we got home, I took my sunglasses off and could not found my normal prescription glasses. Gone. I suspect it was on my lap when I got out of the car at the shops. It must have fallen when I got out of the car. Strangely, neither me nor my husband saw it or heard it fall. I consoled myself with the knowledge that I had it for 5 years, and a replacement is long overdue. There was only one problem. I didn’t have the funds.

In faith I made an appointment for the following Tuesday. My sight had improved! Imagine that! First miracle! The second miracle was when the optometrist offered me a set of full prescription sunglasses for FREE! This is a private optometrist, not the big franchise chain that offers this on a regular basis. I was overjoyed. Still, I didn’t have the funds.

I have a Facebook Group that started out as a crochet group (I am a crochet and knit designer in my spare time). Lately however, the group dynamics have changed to the point where it is more of a Proverbs 31 woman group. We craft together, read Bible together, cry together etc. I do a daily live video in the group, normally discussing on our Bible piece of the day (we are reading the Bible chronologically this year). That Tuesday after my eye test, I told the people in the group that I am standing in faith. I asked them all to pray that God will provide clients in my Aromatherapy Practice. I was willing to work myself into a stupor; I just needed the bookings.

The next day a woman phoned me. God told her a week before to give me money, but she didn’t know how to go about it as she has only met me once. Only when she saw the video did she understand. Suddenly deposits started coming into my account. R300 here. R500 there. R1000 here. And R5000 from somebody else. R2500 from another person, and the list goes on. The references were things like ‘God provides’, ‘with love’, ‘for your specs’. I had no idea where the money came from. I don’t even know where these people got my banking details. I asked God why this was happening! I didn’t want money from other people, all I wanted was appointments in my practice. Guess what? I didn’t get ONE appointment. Not ONE. I sat at home without work for the 10 days while I was waiting for my new glasses. On Thursday 25 March late afternoon, the optometrist called and told me I could collect my new glasses early on the 26th. I opened my banking app to check. I had received R11000. On the dot. Nothing more. Nothing less. God provided exactly the amount I trusted Him for. Still I questioned Him: “Why God? Why other people’s money?” His answer? “So that you cannot say you did this on your own”. Right after I checked my bank balance, the first appointment was made for the following week.

I got a brand new beautiful pair of glasses, and a full prescription (not just single vision) sunglasses. God provided. He gave them to me. All the glory, and all the honour, and all the praise belongs to Him. I didn’t nothing! Nothing!

Trust God like a child as the Bible says we should. Stand on the Word. Claim the promises. Be obedient. It is only through faith that we can please God. He provided for me and He will provide for you!

Hilda Steyn